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The assessment is done according to the guidelines given by the Central Board of Secondary Education from time to time based on written examinations, periodic tests, submission of notebooks / assignments and subjects enhancement activities with proper weight age given to all these. The following Periodic Tests are conducted:

a) Cycle Tests:

These assessments are conducted periodically and conducted mostly on Saturday and occasionally on a previous working day in case a Saturday is declared as a Holiday. On a single Saturday test on only one subject or a maximum of two subjects will be conducted.

b) Examinations:

They include Mid Term, Terminal, Pre Board / Pre Annual and Annual Examinations. Monthly Academic Reviews are not conducted during the months when these examinations are conducted.


After every Assessment there will be an Open House. Open House is an opportunity for the students, parents, class teachers & subject teachers to come together for personal interaction. They can discuss the academic performance of the students during the current month and take remedial steps.

Only Parent(s)/Guardian(s) should meet the teachers on the specified Open House Days. If for any reason parents are not in a position to come on the Open House Day, they should sign the report card on the following working day between 4.00P.M.and 5.00P.M.


All the competitions of the school are conducted on the basis of Inter House Competitions in sports, Co-curricular & Extracurricular activities.

The competitions are conducted for all the wings. However every child can take part in a maximum of 3 competitions in each category i.e., Sports, Co- curricular & Extracurricular Activities excluding open competitions like handwriting, drawing etc., This is to enlarge the scope for the participation of maximum number of students.

The following Inter House competitions are conducted:


Recitation (tri-lingual)

Declamation (tri-lingual)

Extempore (tri-lingual)

Quiz (Science, SS, GK & Current affairs)

Spell Bee & Pronunciation

Maths Wizard

Assembly Activities


Drawing & Painting Competition

Craft Competition

Schedule of Inter House Co-curricular and Games Competition

S.No. Wing Co-Curricular Competitions Games Competitions
1 Cubs - I (Grades I &II) Wednesdays : III & IV Periods Normal PET Periods
2 Cubs - II (Grades III to V) Wednesdays : III & IV Periods Normal PET Periods
3 Juniors (Grades VI to VIII) Wednesdays : VII & VIII Periods Mondays : VII & VIII Periods
4 Seniors (Grades IX & X) Fridays : IV & V Periods Mondays : VII & VIII Periods
5 Super Seniors (Grades XI & XII) Fridays : VII & VIII Periods Fridays : VIII & IX Periods